Our Weather

Our Weather

Koh Tao is situated in a sub-tropical climate like the rest of Thailand. The island is affected both by NE- and SW- Monsoons. The NE- Monsoon dominates from the end of October to the beginning of December, where you can expect heavy rainfall. The SW- Monsoon (June to Sept.) is mild since Koh Tao is sheltered both by the mainland and the surrounding islets.

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Koh Tao is unique since it offers a 10-month high season for travelers to visit and enjoy the beauty of the Island. Peak seasons are from February to April, and again from July to September.
Bellow is described a rough description of the weather you can expect during the different months of the year. Although as we know weather patterns are disturbed around the world, so at best this is only a guideline. Sometimes the best weather comes in the middle of the monsoon, while at others times we have seen the peak season full of rain. You can contact us to get an update on the weather at any time.


Perfect months of full sunshine and comfortable air temperature (average for sea and air temp.28-30 degrees) At this time of year we have high tides allowing easy access to prime snorkeling sites straight off the beach. The water on the west coast of the island is completely flat calm but visibility can be a little temperamental with the knock on effects of monsoon seas especially in early Jan. As the sea calms down during this period the visibility improves making February one of the best months to visit koh Tao, especially when most of the western world is in the middle of the depressing winter months.


During this time the temperature warms up, great for sun lovers. The water is flat and calm, & everyday is guaranteed sunshine and gorgeous sunsets! As the days are dry and humid sometimes leading to some good tropical style thunderstorms especially at dusk but they’re usually on the mainland, watch the amazing light show over the sea while you sip on your après dive beer sitting on the beach. Water clarity is best at this time of year & your chances of seeing Whale sharks are much higher than at any other time of year.


The wind turns at this time of year blowing all the way across the Indian Ocean so by the time the wind hits the west coast of Thailand the waves are big and powerful. Fortunately koh tao is on the east coast of Thailand so the wind slows down as it passes over the mainland. However at this time we do get a fresh cooling breeze & occasional days of relatively big waves. If the monsoon is heavy on the west coast, it can rain at this time, afternoon storms can be very typical especially in August but they don’t last long & weather is still generally pretty sunny throughout the day. Diving is best on the East side of the island where the sea is flat and calm, crystal clear & teeming with marine life. A good season for turtles too.


Very beautiful warm sunny days, calm flat seas and superb diving conditions. Water & Air temperature drops a little as we enter the ‘winter’ months but it’s still tropical. This is my favorite time of the year on the island, good visibility, lowhumidity and of course sunsets to die for. Average daytime air & water temperature is around 28 degrees. Fish life is abundant at this time of year, the famous whale shark often comes to give us a visit, especially during October, and there are not so many divers.


Koh Tao doesn’t suffer from relentless rain for days on end. A typical monsoon usually consists of a couple of weeks on & off of impressively hard rain & quite a lot of wind. The visibility gets stirred up & the swell can be rather unpleasant. When the weather clears up the island looks fresh and green. The journey to Koh Tao at this time of the year is mostly going to be bouncy, now days there are good boat companies that can get you safely to the island even in big swells. The island is very quite at this time and you can experience the koh Tao of old, with few people on the beaches and un-crouded dive boats, of course we like that.

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