Luxury Camping

Luxury camping
Comfort in Nature

Just above the coastline is our luxury camping area, a place for you and your travel companions to experience the island the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Here you are free to enjoy the nature and relax by the sea in privacy, yet sleep in the comfort of our luxury tents

Serenity in our tents
Serenity in Comfort

The tents are equipped with electricity, lighting, a cooling fan, and comfortable beds, allowing you to enjoy being close to nature without giving up the little comforts of life.

Our Camping Facilities
Our Camping Facilities

Our camping area is equipped with western style toilets and a luxurious open air bathroom, allowing for comfort without disconnecting you from the beauty of the surrounding nature.

You will find nature all around you at our resort. Even the bathroom has a view looking out to the tropical forest. Don’t worry, you can see out but other cannot see you, all our rooms offer privacy, nature and comfort.

Shower in the Sun
Shower in the Sun

Prices: Luxury Camping
800 Baht per Person per Night

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