History of Baan Talay

History of Baan Talay…

The first time I came to koh Tao was January 1995, wow an island paradise, what can I say? We have all seen the pictures in our dreams, blue clear waters, white sandy beaches, shining bright corals, great food and of course great company.

Koh Tao Friends and Family
The family on Opening Day 2nd January 2012

In those days it was easy to stay for long periods, rooms were 60 baht a night, and there were no concrete roads so you walked everywhere. I soon fell in love, not only with the island but also to my wife, so within the space of a few months I decided to put the backpack down and stay for a while…

It wasn’t long after that Kong opened the New Heaven Restaurant and the first new heaven dive school. The whole new heaven family were happy and doing well on the island. Days turned in to months and months into years, and years into decades, till now, still in 2012 my bags are still here.

Koh Tao's Local monks blessing the properity at our Grand Opening  Jan 2012
Baan Talay Gets a Holy Blessing

Luckily for us we managed to purchase a big piece of land in the ‘Aow Leuk’ bay many years ago and often though about building an Eco friendly sustainable resort, nothing too flash or expensive but high in quality, a place where tourist could enjoy and benefit from living with nature and all the wonders that it brings.

At the beginning development was slow, we started and stopped many times over the years, but slowly and surely the resort took shape. Eventually on 2nd Jan 2012 we had our Grand Opening Night, the monks came and blessed the resort, old friends and family joined in the celebrations.

Always with the mindset of respecting nature, we took much care and time to develop the gardens, walkways and bungalows all fit in perfectly with the surrounding Tropical forest. When you stay at Baan Talay you can really appreciate the best that koh Tao has to offer, of course these are easy words to say over the web but come and check out this reality for your selves, we hope one day you do.

Today we are happy to welcome you to a little piece of Paradise, Baan Talay Koh Tao.

Amazing Activities for our GuestsEnjoy your days with Yoga or Scuba Diving and as well as other activities you can do
at Baan Talay to make Koh Tao one of your favourite destinations