Travelling to Baan Talay and Visa Information Questions

Travelling to Baan Talay and Visa Information

  1. Where is Baan Talay Located on Koh Tao?Baan Talay is found in the Aow Leuk Bay, which is located on the southeast side of (link goggle map). This is the much less developed side of the island, with small bays going all the way up the east side.

    Aow Leuk means Deep Bay and therefore we do not have the usual shallow tides in the summer months. Aow Leuk is good for swimming all year, only a few days of the year in the monsoon season the sea is too rough. For most of the year the seas is flat and blue and you can see some of the best snorkeling of the island from our resort.

  2. Do I need a Tourist visa to stay in Thailand?No if you come to Thailand for less than 30 days you do not need a tourist visa, you can get an entry visa on arrival at the airport. This entry visa allows you to stay in the kingdom of Thailand for up to 30 days. If you intend to be in Thailand for longer than the 30-day period then you will need a tourist Visa. Thai Tourist visas are available from Thaiembassies’ or consulates’ around the world.
  3. If I cross into Thailand overland do I need a visa?If you cross over to Thailand overland, then you will only get an entry stamp for 15 days, please note that this is not the same if you fly in to the country where you get a 30 day entry stamp in your passport. Again if you are staying for a longer period then 15 days then you will need a tourist visa on entry. Tourist visa are available from any Thai Embassy or consulate around the world.
  4. How much does transportation on Koh Tao cost?There are a few different options for getting around on the island. If you are into trekking, then the island is perfect for that and it’s free! Being so small you can walk to most places within a day but please note that the island is very hilly and that tropical vegetation grows fast so some of the trails are not for beginners. On hot days you can easily become dehydrated so make sure if your walking to carry lots of water.

    Other wise you can get a Taxi to most of the areas on the island. Because of the hilly landscape there are many 4-wheel drive taxis to take you on the off road locations. Taxis are quite expensive so another option would be to rent a motor bike for a day or two, motor bike rental cost around 200 baht per day for a standard moped, bigger bikes are available but more expensive (400/500 per day). We would only recommend our guests to use motorbikes if they are experienced drivers. The roads on koh tao are not always easy to handle because of all the sand on the roads and injury on your holidays is no fun.

    A greener option would be to rent a bicycle; we have for rent at the dive school for 100 baht per day.

  5. How do we get to Baan Talay once we arrive on the island?We can pick you up at the pier when you arrive on Koh Tao and give you a free transfer to the resort. Please phone us before you arrive on the island and let us know with which boat company, and at what time you will be arriving on the island. With this information we can make an easy transfer. When you get off the boat look out for our taxi driver, he will be holding a board with your name on it.

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