Responsible Tourism & Marine Conservation

Responsible Tourism and Marine Conservation Questions

  1. How does your company view responsible tourism and what does it do to make sure its activities are sustainable?We do our best to ensure that all of our business on the island is as sustainable as possible. We offer courses and workshops about conservation activities and marine conservation so we can educate and help our guest to participate in sustainable activity. Of course we are not perfect but it is one on our main priorities to make sure that we preserve and protect the natural environment that we enjoy so much, and work with. We try to do all the simple things to like saying no to plastic bags and using environmentally friendly products as much as we can. We buy our fish from sustainable fish stocks, we try to grow our own organic fruit and vegetables, we take care about the way we develop and design our resort so the nature stays in tact, after all isn’t this why you would like to visit us?

    Our owners are leaders in the local community and support all the main conservation activities that take place on the island, and help to run the Save Koh Tao community group, which organizes most of the conservation events.

  2. What kind of courses do you offer in marine conservation?There are a wide variety of courses to choose from. We even have a one-day taster if your time is short. There is also a 3 day introduction course to marine conservation where you be introduced to the main components of our work.

    Longer courses too are available from 1 week (please note that the one week course is only 5 days of diving) all the way to a 3-month internship course.

    We are happy if you would join us for any of these courses but you need to be at an Advance diving level to start on any of the marine conservation courses. Please check our dive school website Marine Conservation Courses page To find out more on prices and more detailed information about these courses.

  3. What can I do to help?If you would like to get involved in our conservation activities then the best thing you could do would be to take one of our marine conservation courses. These courses are designed to help to educate as well as allow you to learn a hands on approach to marine conservation. Of course supporting us with the course fees also allows these projects to continue into the future. If you are not a diver you can just be more aware how your actions affect the environment around you.
  4. Can I make any donations to help support your conservation activities?Coming soon
  5. What is the best time of year to come to the island if I would like to get involved?Coming soon

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