Koh Tao Weather Questions

Koh Tao Weather Questions

  1. What is the best time of year to come to Koh Tao?There is no real best time of year, being in a tropical location means the days can be raining like crazy in the dry season and dry in the monsoon season. The weather is never a guarantee one-way or the other. Saying that we do have generally sunny easy days all year round. Being on the East coast of Thailand we are in a protected zone so we do not feel the strong May-November monsoon, which affect the west coast of Thailand, very much. Usually we have a light monsoon season, which starts in mid-October and finishes by mid-December. Even during this period you can have the best days on Koh Tao. I really enjoy the good days at this time of year as it is quite on the island and it reminds me of the island many years ago.

    For diving ‘weather’ or visibility the same is true, there are so many parameters that we can never guarantee great visibility or bad visibility at any particular time of year.

    You can get a general picture of the season if you check Our Weather, But I would just come to the island when you have time and if the weather isgood enjoy it if its raining you can also enjoy it, its never cold !!!

  2. Are you open during the monsoon season?Yes our Resort and dive school stays open year round. The Koh Tao monsoon season traditionally starts around October and can last until the New Year. Some days when the weather is really rough we may decide to take a day off, but we always have sunny days even in the monsoon season. It can be a really great time to visit the island, as the beaches are more quite and the dive sites less crowded. Always the best sunsets come at this time of year, and with so much more updated information available you can always check the weather before you make the boat crossing.
  3. Is it really hot during the dry season?The temperature stays more or less stable throughout the year. The lowest temperatures are in December and January (average 27 C) and the warmest time of year, know as the dry season, occurs around March through to May (average 32 C). As we are in the tropics there is always the humidity factor to consider which affect people differently. If you drink plenty of water and make sure you don’t lie out in the sun all day, and re-hydrate your self sufficiently you will not have any problems due to the heat. The sea breeze always keeps us cool and comfortable.
  4. Has climate change had an effect on the weather on Koh Tao?As in most parts of the world we have seen more unpredictable weather patterns in recent times. This has meant that the dry periods have been drier and the rainy days more rain, more extreme weather in both directions. However Koh Tao is in a safe and protected area from Tsunamis and earthquakes so no need to live in fear, just go out and enjoy the wonderful planet that we live on.

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