Booking and Prices Questions

Booking and Prices

  1. How do I get the best prices for the rooms at Baan Talay?You will always get the best price by booking directly from our websites or

    We do work with booking agencies that do offer Special Offers and other discounts on our rooms, however the reduction will not be more than published on our websites.

  2. Do you offer any discounts on published room prices?Yes we offer discounts on our standard room prices for all our customers that dive or make a yoga course with us. Below are the prices with discounts.

    Sea View Hut (fan) 1200 baht discounted to 800 baht per night.
    Sea View Suite (fan) 1800 baht discounted to 1200 baht per night.
    Sea View Suite (AC) 2500 baht discounted to 1800 baht per night

  3. What is your cancellation policy?Cancellations must be received 7 days prior to arrival (500 Baht cancellation fee) otherwise the deposit will not re-fundable. If the customer does not arrive on the scheduled date, the reservations is cancelled and charged one night room.
  4. Do you take foreign currency such as Euro and US.Dollars?No we would like all cash payments to be made in Thai baht; there are many currency exchange places in Thailand so you will not have any problems changing your foreign currency.
  5. Can we pay with credit card?Yes we can accept all major credit cards; there is an additional 3% bank charge for using the credit card, which we pass on the customer.You will find this is the same all over Thailand. We would be happy if you missed making the bank richer than they already are and used Thai baht instead. Please note we cannot accept debit cards, credit cards only.

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