Baan Talay Resort Questions

  1. The bungalows are located on the hillside, how far away from the beachfront are they?Our rooms are located in different locations on our site. The Sea View Hut rooms are the furthest up the hill, from these Huts it takes around 8 minutes or so to walk down the hill to the sea. The Sea View Suite rooms are located closer to the sea and takes only 5 minutes to walk down. Please note that the walk is on our private land and you can enjoy the small trail though the forest down to the sea. Uphill is more difficult so please take some liquids and supplies so you can enjoy the trekking through the nature slowly and easily.
  2. What is the difference between the Seaview Huts and Seaview Suite rooms?The two rooms are designed differently; the Sea View Huts are wooden Bungalows, which fit in perfectly with the nature. Simple rooms with a lovely wooden veranda, over looking the blue bay of Aow Leuk, with complementary hammock. All Seaview Hut rooms have hot water showers and fans. The out door bathrooms is the special feature of this room type. The Suite rooms are slightly bigger and are found closer to the Sea with have a clear sea view. These rooms also have the option of AC as well as having large relaxing lounger on the balcony where you can enjoy your room with a view.
  3. Do you provide Internet service at the resort?Yes we have an Internet zone at our reception area, if you have Wi-Fi devices you can keep in contact with your family and friends while staying with us in paradise.
  4. Can use my mobile phone at the Resort?Yes you can use mobile but we recommend buying a cheap Thai sim so your calls are cheaper. Of course you can use your phone for Wi-Fi connection is you have a smart phone.
  5. What time do you serve food at the restaurant?The restaurant opens early at 8am for breakfast and stays open all day until the evening meal. The kitchen closes at 9pm although if you are on a night dive we can arrange to keep food for you. Baan Talay is a family run resort and when you stay with us we hope you feel like you are at home.
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