Activities & Facilities Questions

Activities and Facilities Questions

  1. I like the idea of being in a secluded location, but if I want to go out from the resort is there any service.Yes we provided to free taxi transfers a day. 8.30 AM and again at 1.30 pm from the resort to the dive school. The return taxi back to the resort is at 5.30 pm. If you would like to visit the rest of the island at any other time then there is a taxi service, which cost 300 baht each way.
  2. How far is the Dive school from the resort?The resort is in Aow Leuk bay whereas the dive school is in Chalok Baan Kao (insert map link). It takes 10 minutes to reach the dive school from the resort by either taxi car or motorbike. If you like a good walk then it would take you one hour.
  3. Where do the yoga classes take place?The daily yoga classes take place at the dive school, which is a 10-minute taxi/motorbike ride from the resort. The classes are held twice a day at 11.30 am – 1pm and again at 5.30 pm-7pm
    We also hold yoga Retreats and courses which take place at the resort.

    To get more information of the differences between the yoga retreats and classes please see our yoga retreats and our daily yoga classes pages.

  4. Are you located on the beach?Our resort has no sandy beach but a Natural relax area on the Sea Front. You can step from your sun lounger straight into the sea and make some great snorkeling right off the shore. It takes about 5 /10 minutes to swim to the Aow Leuk beach, but our sea front area is more private and quite, away from the crowds.
  5. Are there any other restaurants and bars near your place?We do have our own Star Gazer’s restaurant at Baan Talay, but if you would like to eat in another place then it’s easy to find many great restaurants on Koh Tao. The nearest restaurant to us is the Magic Moon Resort restaurant which is a 10 minute walk rom our place, however if you would like to eat in town where there is a wide variety of eateries, then you would either need to rent a motor bike or take a taxi from the resort. We offer two free taxi transfers in the morning and afternoon, but if you needed an evening taxi the cost is 300 baht each way. That’s for the taxi if you share with 4 people its still the same cost.

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