Yoga on Koh Tao

Yoga Koh Tao

Yoga practice is done on our open air terrace

Experience Yoga

At Baan Talay Resort we are teaching and practicing yoga so we can evolve to a higher level of physical, mental and spiritual understanding.

We believe that by practicing yoga you can slowly unlock the doors that are restricting you from reaching your highest potential. This may sound unrealistic to some, but we ask you to reserve your judgments until you try. See it as a personnel experiment and then you can ask yourself, what has practicing yoga given me.

There are many yoga practices, which somehow over the years have been fragmented and distributed to different parts of the world. We aim to bring some of these pieces together so we can find an efficient integrated system of practices.

There are many different reasons why people practice yoga. Some are looking for more flexibility and others for a fitter healthier body. Others may be looking for peace of mind, while others are looking for spiritual answers.

What yoga gives us is a way to move towards these goals and to to achieve them. We set our desire on our vision, and whatever that maybe we go from there. In yoga there is no one making any judgments on what your vision may be.