Marine Conservation

Our Ocean, Our Responsibility

At Baan Talay Resort we think that it is common sense to make marine conservation one of our main priorities.

We are privileged to have this wonderful resort right on the ocean, with a beautiful coral reef fringing our shores. It is also our responsibility to ensure that it is protected, and that we do everything we can to ensure it’s sustainability.

Our dive school, New Heaven Dive, is one of the smaller on the island, but by far the leader in marine conservation for the island. We have been involved with conservation activities since we first opened in 1995, but much more recently we started our own Marine Conservation Courses, which run from 3 days up to 3 months. In these courses, participants take part in coral reef restoration, research and education. If you would like to dive and give something back to the underwater world then we can highly recommend the different courses that we offer.

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